IYPT Member Organisations (IMOs) and International Organising Committee (IOC)

List of current IMOs and IOC members

Country IMO Representative IMO till IYPT Application Recognition Letter Local Tournament
Australia Brisbane girls grammar school (BBGS) Alan Allinson 2018 RLcertificate IYPT Australia
Austria Austrian Young Physicists' Tournament Julian Ronacher 2022 Austria.pdf RLcertificate AYPT
Azerbaijan Baku Talents Education Complex Jeyhun Jabarov 2018 Azerbaijan.pdf RLcertificate
Belarus Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus Igor Timoshchenko 2022 Belarus.pdf RLcertificate
Brazil Associação Cultural B8 Projetos Educacionais Márcio Martino 2022 Brazil.pdf RLcertificate IYPT Brasil
Bulgaria Ministry of Education and Science Oleg Yordanov 2021 Bulgaria.pdf RLcertificate
Canada STEM Fellowship Ryan Hsiao-Tzu Lin 2021 Canada.pdf RLcertificate CaYPT
China Nankai University ChuanYong Li 2022 China.pdf RLcertificate CYPT
Chinese Taipei Taiwanese Young Physicists' Tournament Yung-Yuan Hsu 2020 Chinese_Taipei.pdf RLcertificate
Czech Republic The Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists Stanislav Panos 2022 Czech_republic.pdf RLcertificate TMF (Czech YPT)
Germany German Physical Society Florian Ostermaier 2022 Germany.pdf RLcertificate GYPT
Hungary ELTE University Mihály Hömöstrei 2022 Hungary.pdf RLcertificate HYPT
Iran AYIMI Dina Izadi 2022 Iran.pdf RLcertificate PYPT
Korea KYPT Young-Gui Yoon 2022 Korea.pdf RLcertificate KYPT
Macao Macao Young Physicists’ Tournament Iat-Neng Chan 2020 Macao.pdf RLcertificate
New Zealand IYPT New Zealand Gavin Jennings 2022 New_Zealand.pdf RLcertificate IYPT NZ
Nigeria CENTRE FOR THE GIFTED IN SCIENCE Kingsley Imade 2019 Nigeria.pdf RLcertificate IYPT Nigeria
Pakistan COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Farida Tahir 2021 Pakistan.pdf RLcertificate
Poland Polish Physical Society Leszek Gladczuk 2022 Poland.pdf RLcertificate
Romania APFIPR Association of Physics Teachers in Higher Education Sandu Golcea 2020 Romania.pdf RLcertificate IYPT Romania
Russia Ural Federal University Olga Inisheva 2022 Russia.pdf RLcertificate Russian YPT
Singapore Ministry of Education Singapore Yeo Ye 2020 Singapore.pdf RLcertificate SYPT
Serbia Serbian Physical Society Aleksandra Aloric 2021 Serbia.pdf RLcertificate
Slovakia Turnaj mladých fyzikov František Kundracik 2022 Slovakia.pdf RLcertificate TMF (Slovak YPT)
Switzerland Pro IYPT-CH Eric Schertenleib 2022 Switzerland.pdf RLcertificate Swiss YPT
Ukraine Municipal institution “Richelieu Lyceum” Odessa Valery Koleboshyn 2020 Ukraine.pdf RLcertificate
USA Chester Country Intermediate Unit IOC: William McWatters, contact: Noreen O'Neill 2018 USA.pdf RLcertificate The US IYPT

List of IMO Applications

Countries with an organization that has applied to become IMO. Either the IOC has not voted on their application yet, the organization has withdrawn their application or the IOC has not voted in favor.

Country IMO Representative Application Local Website
Chile Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile Marina Stepanova Chile.pdf
Georgia Fx Grigol Peradze Georgia.pdf
India Pace Jr. Science College Naman Molri India.pdf
Thailand The Institute for Promotion of Teaching and Science and Technology (IPST) Pornart Wattanakasiwich Thailand.pdf
Turkey Beyoglu Galatasaray University Galatasaray High School Sébastien Breux Turkey.pdf
South Africa Parklands College Don Duffield SA.pdf
Sweden IYPT Sweden Jakob Lavrod Sweden.pdf
United Kingdom Shrewsbury School John Balcombe UK.pdf UKYPT
France Nicolas Chevalier
Croatia Kreso Zadro
Kenya Andrew Baker

Contact List of potential IMOs

Countries which are planning to send a guest team, have sent a team or a guest team to IYPT recently or have expressed their indent to do so but have not yet applied for IMO status:

Country Contact Local Website
Malaysia Jasmin Burton Morgan
Indonesia Jong Tan
Netherlands Hans Jordens
Slovenia Rok Capuder

About IMOs

An IYPT Member Organization is a legal entity which is officially recognized by the IYPT to represent the IYPT-related interests of a country. In particular, IMOs determine the team and the IOC representative for their country at their discretion. For the selection of the team, an IMO has to set up an appropriate selection procedure which gives all interested students from the respective country a fair chance to compete for a seat in the country’s team.

IMOs gain their status by the vote of the IOC, after a motion of the IMO candidate. If the country in question already has an IOC representative, said representative must approve this motion.

Applications for IMO status can only be made by someone who participated in at least one of 5 most recent IYPTs either as an observer, team member, team leader, or juror. This condition is fulfilled even if the person in question represented a different country at that time. This person must support the application by taking over the position of a team leader of the team selected by the respective IMO.

An IMO loses its right to send an IOC representative after not sending a team to the IYPT in two subsequent years. Furthermore, in this case, other organizations of the country in question may apply for IMO status.

After applying for IMO status, an IMO candidate may nominate a team for the IYPT until the IOC decides their application at the following IOC meeting.

IMO status is usually granted for a period of 5 years, from the moment of approval by the IOC at the IOC meeting until the end of IYPT in the year of expiration. Without re-applying before the start of IOC meeting in the year of expiration, participation at the IOC meeting is not granted.