What is IYPT?

The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT), sometimes referred to as “Physics World Cup”, is a team-oriented scientific competition between secondary school students.

The participants present their solutions to scientific problems they have prepared over several months and then discuss their solutions with other teams. The roles of Reporter (Presentation), Opponent and Reviewers are graded by a jury consisting of international experts.


Current Tournament

Current Tournament

IYPT 2019

IYPT 2019 will take place in Warsaw, Poland from July 6th till July 13th. The IOC meeting will be held after the tournament, from July 13th till July 15th.

The official Local Organising Committee webpage: http://iypt.pl/.

  1. Please note that the contract between the Local Organizing Committee and the International Young Physicists’ Tournament is not signed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the IYPT will be held as planned. The registration will be confirmed after the signature.
  2. The preparation works are running. The registration process has started and the fees are to be paid within the deadline of April 20. (If you need an invitation letter, please, let us know at office@iypt.org).
  3. In case of any substantial change (host, dates), the fees will be refunded in full.
  4. If you cannot make the payment in time, or if you know that you will not make it to the IYPT this year, please, let us know. If you neither pay nor let us know, we will invite one of the countries that are conditionally pre-registered so far. 

The second call for registration of Experienced Jurors for the 32nd IYPT 2019 is open now. (Deadline: April 20, 2019).

To apply as an EJ, please use the online registration form: https://cc.iypt.org/

General help for the IYPT CC system can be found here: https://cc.iypt.org/about/


The pre-registration of teams for the 32nd IYPT 2019 is officially closed.

How to join

Problems for IYPT 2019

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Past Tournaments

Past Tournaments

The 31st IYPT was held in Beijing, China from July 19th till July 26th 2018, hosted by the Department of Physics at Renmin University of China.

First place was taken by Singapore followed by China and Korea in second and third place.

Problems More about previous tournament




Each year a set of problems is carefully selected by the IOC for the participants to solve.

The problems touch on various areas in physics and often do not have a known solution. It is participant’s job to tackle them and come up with their proposal.

Current set of problems.